Albums, web collages, branding and proofing.

Template-free Drop Zone® technology.

Choose from automated or custom designs.

Order albums direct.

Desktop Mac/Windows application.

Free trial never expires.


  • Design albums and signing books.
  • Drop Zones® are template-free.
  • Automated or custom designs.
  • Sizes for 85+ album companies.
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  • Fast and easy wall collages.
  • Simple in person sales.
  • Our stock rooms or yours.
  • Auto crop & order direct.
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  • Brand and protect your images.
  • Market and grow your business.
  • Create collages and post online.
  • Save your own brands and looks.
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  • Recently updated.
  • Clients tag changes.
  • Easily manage revisions.
  • Simple, visual communication.
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  • Order albums in Fundy Designer.
  • Skip exporting and uploading.
  • Choose from the world’s top labs.
  • Track all shipments under one hood.
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  • Patent pending Drop Zones®.
  • Instant auto designs.
  • Fits in your workflow.
  • Compatible with all labs.
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We use the Fundy Designer Suite. It's fast, accurate and has made our lives so much easier.

- Ben Chrisman - Chrisman Studios

I didn’t want to sell albums before because of how hard and time consuming the design was. After using Fundy Album Builder I just designed four albums in an hour. I just couldn’t believe how easy and intuitive Fundy Designer is. I can offer albums to my clients again with a big smile on my face.

- Citlalli Rico

I couldn't have won first place in the WPPI Best Album Category without the tools and simplicity of Fundy Software. Thank you!

- Alex Albojer

This new version of Fundy Album Builder is one of the most important tools in my studio.

- Cliff Mautner

Album Builder v6 will have the same impact on our business as the move to digital DVD. It's revolutionary.

- Jim Garner

Crazy fast, super simple and perfectly intuitive. I can say with great joy that my search is over. Fundy Designer is what I've always been looking for!

- Susan Stripling

Absolutely ridiculous how much faster, better and way more fun this program make Album Design. I already can't imagine going back to anything less than this - or why anybody else would want to, either.

- Tamara Lackey

One of my favorite features so far is the layout mode where you have 12 different page layouts to choose from!

- Frank Salas

One of the best tools in my arsenal! Album Design is a breeze. Mind-blowing.

- Hiram Trillo
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