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Integrated With Your World

Integrated With Your World

Image Brander and Blog Collage gives you the power to market and tell your story in today’s world. They are integrated and optimized for your blog and social media.
We Work Like You Do

We Work Like You Do

Image Brander and Blog Collage are part of your workflow, integrating seamlessly with all your favorite image editors and social media platforms to allow you to work as efficiently as possible.
Streamline Your Design Workflow

Streamline Your Design Workflow

Fundy Designer brings all of your photography design needs under one hood including designing albums, collages and more while integrating seamlessly with your other design needs.

We use the Fundy Designer Suite. It's fast, accurate and has made our lives so much easier.

- Ben Chrisman - Chrisman Studios

I didn’t want to sell albums before because of how hard and time consuming the design was. After using Fundy Album Builder I just designed four albums in an hour. I just couldn’t believe how easy and intuitive Fundy Designer is. I can offer albums to my clients again with a big smile on my face.

- Citlalli Rico

I couldn't have won first place in the WPPI Best Album Category without the tools and simplicity of Fundy Software. Thank you!

- Alex Albojer

This new version of Fundy Album Builder is one of the most important tools in my studio.

- Cliff Mautner

Album Builder v6 will have the same impact on our business as the move to digital DVD. It's revolutionary.

- Jim Garner

Crazy fast, super simple and perfectly intuitive. I can say with great joy that my search is over. Fundy Designer is what I've always been looking for!

- Susan Stripling

Absolutely ridiculous how much faster, better and way more fun this program make Album Design. I already can't imagine going back to anything less than this - or why anybody else would want to, either.

- Tamara Lackey

One of my favorite features so far is the layout mode where you have 12 different page layouts to choose from!

- Frank Salas

One of the best tools in my arsenal! Album Design is a breeze. Mind-blowing.

- Hiram Trillo
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