Find client selects from a list in a flash.

Create a new project from a list of images.

Add images to a project from a list.

Create copies of images for a print order.

100% Free, no purchase necessary.

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In an industry where time is literally money, if you’re not using Image Finder in your workflow somehow, I believe you’re wasting time AND money!

- Cliff Mautner

All I do is paste my client's print orders or album choices in the software and it locates them in seconds.

- Frank Salas

Image Finder is the quickest, easiest and most efficient way to find your images. Thank you, Fundy!

- Jerry Ghionis

Saving time and energy is something that I work on every day. After receiving an email with file names for my album, I always use Image Finder as it is the very best and most efficient way that I know. Works every time without fail.

- Walter van Dusen

No more endless searching for client images when designing my albums...Image Finder has sped up my workflow and having everything in one place is just amazing. Fundy is the most powerful tool I have.

- Hiram Trillo

2, 4, 6, 8 - Who do I appreciate? Image Finder!

- Brandon Burk
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